Planet Earth

From complex weather systems to the great outdoors and how to conserve it, Planet Earth is the home we share with all living creatures.
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Blurry grass background with hands holding dandelions
The Ultimate Guide to No Mow May
The Milky Way and lupins field near the Church of the Good Shepherd near Lake Tekapo, on New Zealand's South Island.
What to See in the Night Sky for May 2023
looking up at blue sky and white clouds from the base of a circle of pine trees covered in snow
🥃Trees Form Friendships and Remember Their Experiences
wildlife of asian elephants herd in the wild
🍸Elephants Have Lost Nearly Two-Thirds of Their Habitat Across Asia
View looking up into lush green branches of large tree
20 Reasons to Really Love Trees
Best Bee Supply Companies
Best Bee Supply Companies
The 6 Best Carbon Offset Programs of 2022
The 6 Best Carbon Offset Programs of 2023
Sunrays Through Treetops
൲94% of Americans Agree This Nature-Based Superhero is Good for the Planet
Photo of Earth from space
13 Exquisitely Extreme Things About Planet Earth
A wild boar with dark gray fur and curved tusks
🌠10 Invasive Species That Changed the World Forever
a modern building with mossy stones in front
World's First Rewilding Center Opens in Scotland
Planting evergreen tree
The Power of Planting With a Purpose
A village that is overgrown with greenery
𒊎8 Dreamlike Abandoned Places Being Reclaimed by Nature
Star sand on a wooden board
ℱStar Sand Shows Nature’s Exquisite Attention to Detail
Lyrid Meteor Shower
What to See in the Night Sky for April 2023
Cup lichen (Cladonia pyxidata) growing like an island on a rotten tree stump, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Meet the Coolest Tiny Plants in the Forest
Saint Petersburg, Florida, Driftwood Neighborhood
What Trees Can Do for You
Amethyst Deceiver Mushrooms
13 Bizarre and Beautiful Mushrooms
Vjosa river valley, Nemërçka mountain in background, Albania
🌄Europe's Last Wild River 'Protected Once and For All' with National Park Designation
South polar skua, Stercorarius maccormicki, resting in the snow
💎Entire Populations of Antarctic Birds Failed to Breed Last Year Because of Extreme Snowstorms
California Hit By Another Winter Storm, Deepening The Already Historic Snowpack In Mountain Regions
⛦Atmospheric Rivers Now Have an Intensity Ranking Like Hurricanes
A dying cypress swamp seen under stormy skies, Venice, Louisiana, USA
𒉰Why Has Coastal Louisiana Lost 1,900 Square Miles of Land Since the 1930s?
Cherry blossoms with a bird sitting on a branch
7 Enlightening Facts About the Spring Equinox
Very early morning shot of Venus rising (to the left of Jupiter) over pond and Slash Pine trees with reflection in Babcock Wildlife Management Area near Punta Gorda, Florida
What to See in the Night Sky for March 2023
Meet the World’s Only Completely Freshwater Seal
a strange glowing yellow-orange flower on the forest floor
🍎Strange, Ethereal 'Fairy Lantern' Presumed Extinct is Rediscovered After 30 Years
Take Time to Look at the Clouds
Bluebells flowering in the forest, Perth, Scotland
Finding Traces of Lost Habitats Around Us
a photo shows a woman wearing a green dress adjusting a small retro tv
Here's a Wild Reason To Watch More TV
Prothonotary Warbler Perched on Branch
Get Outside for the Great Backyard Bird Count
6 of the Strangest Plants on Earth
A large, colorful frog holds on to a branch
Trippy New Stream Frog Named After J.R.R. Tolkien
Lonely pinewood caledonian trees.
♛Scottish Pinewoods Study Reveals Vulnerability of Ancient Forest
A child's hand reaching towards springtime snowdrops growing in a back yard.
An Ode to the First Signs of Spring in a Garden
Celtic Rainforest in summer, Argyll, Scotland
ඣTropical Rainforests Are Not the Only Rainforests Under Threat
Night sky, Skagsand, Lofoten Islands, Norway
What to See in the Night Sky for February 2023
Earth's Ozone
✱Ozone Hole Is Slowly Healing Thanks to the Montreal Protocol
Deforested peatlands in Indonesian Borneo
♑What Are Carbon Sinks? How Do They Impact Climate Change?
Boston skyscrapers at dusk
The 10 Windiest Cities in the U.S.
Brazilian Araucaria plant shows fractals in nature
9 Amazing Fractals Found in Nature
majestic old oak giving shade to a spring meadow with the sun peeking through
🌃Hardwood Trees: Identifying the Most Common Species
Weather forecast on a phone
Where to Find the Most Accurate Weather Forecast
Yellow poplar tree with tulip-like flowers
Identifying the Yellow Poplar Tree
🎉Why Manchineel Might Be Earth's Most Dangerous Tree
Full Frame Shot of Pine Trees in Forest
13 Most Common North American Pine Species
Solitary linden
🅠American Basswood: Description and Site Conditions
Blooming Pink Japanese Cherry or Sakura Flowers (Prunus Serrulata or Kanzan)
💞Kwanzan Cherry Tree: Description, Cultivars, and Tree Care
Palmately compound leaves of Victoria creeper composed of five leaflets
📖The Ultimate Guide to Simple and Compound Tree Leaves
Red maple leaves against an overcast sky.
Identify the 5 Most Common Maple Trees
Detail shot of a Juniper with blue berries in fall.
Identifying Juniper Trees and Shrubs
A close-up of a grapevine leaf with yellow and brown patches infected by grapevine fungal disease downy mildew.
32 Common Tree Diseases
couple stand in sun rays piercing thick forest of tall trees
꧑What Is Forest Bathing? Benefits and How to Practice Shinrin-Yoku
American Basswood tree with yellow spiky flowers and dark green leaves.
How to Identify American Basswood Trees
Amazon River, Near Belem
12 Fascinating Facts About the Amazon River
Jaguar Lying On Wood In Forest
꧋What Is an Umbrella Species? Definition and Examples
starry sky over New Zealand
𝕴New Zealand Aims to Become World's Largest 'Dark Sky Nation'
An extremely old tree in the middle of dry land
The World's 10 Oldest Living Trees
baby trees in a Scottish field
⛎Rewilding Challenge Fund Launched in Britain Ahead of UN Biodiversity Summit
A colorful coral reef teaming with fish in the Maldives.
𓆉10 Stunning Plants and Sea Creatures on the Ocean Floor